The Ramones

I'm not sure if we look like The Ramones, but we look cool.

Here's the original, shot in the '70s at the corner of Bleecker and Bowery:

Just for fun, here's the same shot from Google in 2015:

We don't own any leather jackets, so I had to buy one on eBay for the occasion. It reeked so badly of cigarette smoke that I had to hang it outside for three nights. We all thought Ethan was going to puke when he had to wear it for two minutes.

We shot our photo right in front of our building. With only one jacket and one borrowed Fender Stratocaster, we had to shoot four different shots and piece them together...





We didn't match up exactly with the original Ramones, of course, so I had to rebuild some of the background. Here's what it looked like about halfway through. I rebuilt some of the lamp post base where it was covered with a guitar--that came out perfect. You can see that I also had to copy and paste some bricks, metal grating, and sidewalk.

Because we shot our photo in December with the sun behind us and the original appears to have been shot in summer facing into the sun, the lighting and shadows didn't match up. A real Photoshop artist could've fixed it; I just added noise to the photo to make it look grainy.

Hey, whatever works.

Oh, and here's something cool...